How to win playing video poker?

video pokerVideo poker is one of the most popular games at online casinos. Winning in video poker is requires lots of common sense rather than using the best strategies. The following tips and basic rules of the video poker game would help you improve your winning odds in any video poker game you play. Also make sure that you know what the payouts are for all the different hands before you start wagering on any video poker game. While selecting an online casino, make sure that you get the best sign up or deposit bonus. We have reviewed some of the best video poker casinos for you with the most generous casino bonuses. You can select from amongst the online casinos and casino bonus we have listed on this website.

The key to playing good video poker is to “Hold” cards that can potentially make a major winning hand. Since you can get caught in the thrill of the game, you can forget holding the winning cards. It may seem irrational, but most often people lose their winning hands without even knowing and they end up losing the hand when pressing the Deal button.

The second important tip is to choose a high paying machine. Find a video poker machine that pays out 99.5% or more. Most online casinos publish the payout % of all games and it is easy to locate a high paying video poker machine. The videopoker machine with the highest payout is the one that offers 6 coins for a Flush and 9 coins for Full House. If you choose a machine that pays 6 coins for Flush and 8 coins for Full House, it is giving you 5% less profit. Remember that Jacks, Queens and Kings are better compared to Aces. This is because these cards can help you get the combination that can end up with a Straight compared to getting an Ace.

Another tip for playing this casino game is to play the progressive machine only if it has a huge jackpot size. In addition, the progressive games are not worth playing unless your bankroll is also big. You must fix your budget before playing. If you select a bonus game, check that the payout of the machine is minimum of 7 coins for a Flush and 10 coins for a Full House for 1 credit line.

In the deuces wild video poker games, all the gamblers discard all the 5 cards for around 20% of all the times. You must choose a machine where you get 5 coins for a Four of a Kind and 9 coins for a Straight Flush. And, when it comes to the Jokers wild game, make sure that you attempt to get the Straight Flush using the Wild Card for a much better return. The best machine would be the one that pays you 5 coins for Flush and 7 coins for Full House for a single credit line.

The various hands and their payouts given out in video poker are among the most interesting things to learn about this game. A Pair is the smallest hand and it pays out 1:1, whereas the next higher hand Two Pairs pays out 1:2. Three of a Kind pays 1:3, the Straight Hand 1:5 and the Flush pays 1:7. The next higher hand in this game is Full House that pays 1:10 and then Four of a Kind pays 1:40. This means that if you bet $10 and get a Four of a Kind, your payout would be $400. Straight Flush is the second highest hand in this game and it pays out 1:100, while the highest hand Royal Straight Flush pays 1:500.

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