Atlantic City Blackjack & how to win Online Blackjack

The Atlantic City Blackjack game is played with 8 decks of cards. You can split mismatched picture cards up to 3 times, offering four hands. If you wish to double down, you can do so on any cards that includes doubling after a split. In the Atlantic City Blackjack online, late surrender is possible and insurance is available.

Playing online blackjack needs other strategy than playing at a land based casino. To play online blackjack you do not need in depth theoretical knowledge of the blacjack game. Use these easy to use online blackjack tips to improve your game.

How to Play

Click on the blackjack button in the lobby and then click on the Atlantic City Blackjack link. The next page opens the online blackjack game – Atlantic City Blackjack. You just need to click on a chip of your desired value from the chip rack at the bottom of the Atlantic City Blackjack game screen to select the bet amount. Once you have selected the bet amount, click on the required section on the blackjack table and start playing online blackjack.

Betting Options –

If you want to remove a bet before the cards are dealt, press and hold the SPACEBAR and then click on the appropriate bet spot on the table. In order to remove all the bets, click the CLEAR button in the Atlantic City Blackjack game screen.

Click on the DEAL button to start playing.

To repeat your bet from the last game, click on the Repeat and Deal button.

Let ‘em Ride – this will repeat your bet and the winnings from the last game (note: Let ‘em Ride is not available if your previous bet took out insurance.) Also this option is not available on all casinos.

If you want to double your previous bet, assuming you remain under the table limit’k

Double – Simply click Double to double your previous starting bet and play again (assuming you remain under the table limit.)

How to Win online Blackjack

The winning hand in blackjack is the hand that totals closest to 21. You can reach 21 with any number of cards, though an ace with a picture card or 10 known as Blackjack beats all other combinations in the game of Atlantic City Blackjack. The numbered cards count as they appear, picture cards count as 10 and aces can be 1 or 11, depending on the other cards in your hand. If your cards have the same numerical value as the dealer’s, it is called a PUSH. And you’ll receive your bet back.

WE have reviewed the online blackjack game at the casinos listed on our website. To play online blacjack you can select your choice of casino, claim the blackjack bonus andget started.

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