AceThree – Ace 2 Three Sequences

ace2threeIf you think winning is easy in rummy, think again! You need to use smart rummy tips and tricks to have a winning edge over your opponents. This article teaches you on how to play Indian Rummy online with winning sequences like Ace 2 Three and pin your opponents down with maximum damage.

Rearrange Your Cards

Always re-arrange your cards in your hand constantly to view new possibilities to form sequences and sets. If you arrange them properly, you have the chance to form new sequences like Ace 2 Three and other sets. Constant re-arrangement of the cards in your hand gives you alternate ways to form new sequences and different ways to use the Jokers. Improve the possibilities of forming winning Ace 2 Three sequences and win more with this valuable trick.

Use Jokers Wisely

It would be foolish if you don’t use jokers in the right way. Jokers can replace any card to form impure sequences. You can change the game when you get joker and form winning sequences like Ace 2 Three. Use jokers to form pure sequences like King, Queen, Jacks and Ace 2 Three and improve your chances of winning. Jokers also help you to minimize penalty, if your online rummy opponents declare the game before you do.

Don’t Stack High Cards

Hoarding high value cards does in help you to make a winning Ace 2 Three sequence. You have less chances of forming sequences with high value cards unlike other middle cards that have higher chances of forming sequences. High value cards like Ace, Kings, Queens and Jacks have 10 points each. It is quite a burden to have them if the chances to form sequences are less. Just discard them and wait for other suitable cards to arrive to form a winning sequence like Ace 2 Three. If you have them and your opponents declare before your chance, you lose with maximum number of points. This winning strategy is used by most of the online rummy players to make sequences like Ace 2 Three.

Observe Your Opponents’ Moves

When you play Indian Rummy online, it is very important to track the picks and discards of your opponents. You need to find the pattern of strategy used by you opponents by observing the type of the cards discarded by them. You should use the Discards section to view the cards discarded by your online rummy opponents. Tracking of discarded cards help you to find out whether opponent is making any sequence like Ace 2 Three or Five Six Seven. For example, if your opponent discards 2 of spades, there are fewer chances that your opponent will form a sequence of Ace 2 Three. So, you can discard an Ace or Three of spades, as it unlikely that your online rummy opponent will pick such cards.

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